Around the World Safari in One Day

One of Toronto’s twin baby giant pandas naps after entertaining zoo patrons while the parent chews on a bamboo snack. Born October 31 the baby is starting to look like a real giant panda.



Elsewhere in the zoo the marabou stork was having a quiet think. Hopefully this wasn’t the stork that delivered the panda twins, because if it was, they will need therapy.


Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m sure Mrs. Warthog finds Mr. Warthog attractive at times.


Meanwhile, the river hippopotamus was having a quiet soak and watching those watching her.


Things weren’t so relaxed on the savanna, where a couple of white rhinos were in the middle of a ritualistic standoff and kicking up a lot of dust.




Heading over to Indonesia, we pass through Australasia and say hello to a couple of Western Grey Kangaroos, resting in the shade.


Further on we found the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo Dragon. He was definitely sizing us up as his next meal.


Returning to the Americas we passed by the American Flamingoes, seeming to cause some agitation to a couple of the brightly coloured individuals.


Travelling on a world safari in one day can provide a lot of knowledge about our fellow earth inhabitants, however, returning to Canada, and meeting up with a great horned owl, one feels that some wisdom will never be shared.






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