New Neighbours…an interesting Spring

Looks like being an interesting Spring. We have new neighbours who moved in a couple of blocks from us–a pair of Cooper’s Hawks.

While not the most exotic of raptors, it’s very interesting to see them up close and watch their behaviour. We’ve seen one or the other of them around on occasion, and we’ve seen evidence of their kills in our back and front yards, and a few along the boulevards (lots of scattered pigeon feathers).

Yesterday we caught the female perched in a  tree dissecting a kill, but believe it or not, I didn’t have my camera with me because we had just decided to take our dog for a walk, and hey, who needs their camera when they are just walking up to the park? You’d think I would know better!

Today we retraced our steps, because I believe these birds are territorial, and as luck would have it, there they were. Not feeding this time, but at least visible, and providing a couple of good photo opportunities.

With any luck we’ll be able to keep an eye on them through the spring and find their nest. If they are a mating pair there might be some baby pictures coming in the future (non-intrusive and always looking out for the interests of the animals of course). Once the trees get leaves it will be harder to spot them, but they have a very distinctive call, so I will at least know if they are around.

If you want to learn more follow the link below.


Cooper’s Hawk Further Reading

Cooper’s Hawk. I think this one is the male, because it is the smaller of the two.

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