Maurice Shepherd Has Left The Building

This post is not strictly anything to do with my photography, but it is a snapshot of what happens in your life when you least expect it.

My father passed away earlier this week, peacefully at home. He fell asleep and drifted away. As endings go, there are worse ways to leave.

My cousin Stu called me with the news; he lives ten minutes from my Dad and his wife, and was the first person that my Dad’s wife called. To say the news was a shock would be an understatement. I couldn’t really take it in at first, and when I did, there was a brick wall in front of me, blocking any vision of what I should be doing next.

My Dad suffered from Huntington’s Disease which progressively broke down his body to the point where he had no control at all and relied on others to do everything for him. Even communication was gone as he could not speak other than to struggle to get out one or two words.

Even so, I believe he lived a life more full than most, because he had a devoted wife who did everything in her power to look after him, and he often had his friends and family around him, and that gave him more happiness than anything.

In spite of what the disease did to him, I think he relished life more than most of us who have full control of our faculties, and his attitude should be an example to us all.


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